Mexican Day Parade

Most of the year, New York’s Mexican community is nearly invisible. To outsiders, its members appear to be no different than any of the other recently-arrived Latin American immigrants. But today is Mexican residents’ day to shine.

This afternoon the Mexican Day Parade (also known as the Mexican Independence Parade) was held on Madison Avenue between 26th and 42nd Streets. A relatively recent tradition, which celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain, the annual event began in the 1990s and has grown larger every year.

Today a procession of lowriders (both the automotive and bicycle varieties) roared down the street, followed by floats, marching bands and a large contingent of Bolivian dancers. The weather was perfect, the crowd was enthusiastic, the mariachis played, the women danced and the kids were entranced. It was a great day for vendors selling anything in green, red and white (the colors of the Mexican flag), too.

Watching the parade

The queen of the parade

Young couple

Viva Mexico headband


Boy with painted face

Sitting and watching

A dancer


Girl in the crowd

Boy holding flag

Drummers from marching band

Friends watching together

Proud papa

Peeking out from under police barrier

Holding a mask

Lowrider family

Stroller draped with sequined saint

Dancers leaping


NY Times: Parade Dispute Is a Rite of Passage for Mexicans

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7 Responses to Mexican Day Parade

  1. encore une belle suite de portraits, “The queen of the parade” est vraiment très mignonne.

    still a nice suite of portraits, “The queen of the parade” is really cute.

  2. ken mac says:

    lots of great head shots and that poochie too!

  3. Sheryl says:

    I. Love. Mexicans!!!!! I want to go to this parade next year- I was away this weekend. :( You got some great shots too, nice work.

  4. Annulla, you have a gift for portraits. They all look great. And a chiwawa to end the series, Ay tequilla!

  5. Dev says:

    Awesome Work!!!!! But I am willing to know what parade this is. :) Anyways nice work and keep up the great shots!

  6. i think that mexicanos and all other hispanic people is the most coolest people next to the native and indian people. i enjoy every thing about there caltur. viva mexico!!!!

  7. macario diez says:

    i am a proud mexican american from tucson, az and will be going to nyc for the first time w some friends and family this december. we will prob stay in brooklyn since manhattan seems to be a bit too expensive for our blood, but we would really like to know about any particular areas or sections anywhere in the gran manzana where mexican people/ culture are. any help is mucho appreciated!!! thanx!!!

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